Priyanka Ghosh

About Me

I am Priyanka Ghosh, a positive attitude person, who has an enthusiastic outlook about life. I love my job and always feel a great sense of achievement after seeing my students develop and grow as good individuals. Being a Teacher I feel its my duty to nurture student with positive thoughts and knowledge. Being an enthusiastic child, I was admitted in yoga class at the age of 2.5 year under my uncle’s guidance. My uncle took me to the various yoga shows and insist me to participate in shows and competition. I have also got first prize in one of the yoga competition and certification at the same time. I have learnt basic drawing from my mother and started learning professionally at the age of 9 years. Completed Certificate course in Art. I have participated in various drawing competition at my school days and awarded with certificate for the same.

About My Certificates

I believe in discipline and was certified much time for full attendance in school.
  • Awarded 1st prize in caption writing at 6th standard in School.
  • Certified for B.A from Calcutta University.
  • Certified for Diploma in Teachers Training (TTC) from Calcutta Montessori Training Centre.
  • Certified for internship from Harvard House School. Certified Cyber Security Course Organized by Telegram.
  • Certified for Nishtha-Teachers Training Course organized by National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), got 18 certificates for this course.
  • Started carrier as a Teacher in Little Edupark within2 years of good performance got promoted as Centre Head. Got the work experience certificate from that school.