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Affiliated to CISCE, New Delhi

Admission Open For Class Nursery to IX & XI (Science,Commerce & Arts) Session 2023-24

An initiative of IEM Group, Kolkata

* Admission is going on Nursery to Class IX & XI ( Science , Arts & Commerce ) Session 2023-24 ; Call : 7903550322

Rules And Regulation Absence

  1. Parents are requested to plan their vacation in accordance with the school holidays as given.

  2. If a child is absent from school, please use the school diary to send a note to the class teacher stating the reason for his/her absence.

  3. Three consecutive days of absence will have to be accompanied by a letter to the class teacher. In case of long leave, the child must carry the doctor’s certificate to school.

  4. Students suffering from any contagious disease – chicken pox, measles, mumps, conjunctivitis, must observe a period of quarantine and bring a certificate of fitness from the doctor before joining the school.

  5. If the child has a fever, the parent should refrain from sending the child to school.

  6. Every student must necessarily have 75% minimum school attendance.