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*ADMISSION OPEN FROM PLAY GROUP TO CLASS V*, Office Address: IEM Public School, New Town, Street Number 279, DD Block New Town, West Bengal 700156 Dial Us Today- 0335299787, 8010700500.
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Following CBSE Curriculum

An initiative of IEM Group, Kolkata



CBSE, New Town

An initiative of IEM Group, Kolkata

Rules And Regulation Absence

  1. Parents are requested to plan their vacation in accordance with the school holidays as given.

  2. If a child is absent from school, please use the school diary to send a note to the class teacher stating the reason for his/her absence.

  3. Three consecutive days of absence will have to be accompanied by a letter to the class teacher. In case of long leave, the child must carry the doctor’s certificate to school.

  4. Students suffering from any contagious disease – chicken pox, measles, mumps, conjunctivitis, must observe a period of quarantine and bring a certificate of fitness from the doctor before joining the school.

  5. If the child has a fever, the parent should refrain from sending the child to school.

  6. Every student must necessarily have 75% minimum school attendance.