Info For Parents:

1. Your ward must reach school by 8.30 a.m.on all working days.

2. Any child who is unable to join the SCHOOL ASSEMBLY AT 8.45 a.m. will be marked late.

3. Please collect your ward within 15 minutes of Dispersal Time .School will not be responsible for children staying beyond stipulated dispersal time.

4. Children will not be allowed to leave school before their Dispersal Time unless approved by

the School Authorities in an emergency.

5. We encourage compulsory and regular attendance.

6. If a child is absent from school, please use the School Diary to send a note to the Class

Teacher stating the reason for his/her absence.

Three consecutive days of absence will have to be accompanied by a Letter to the Class

Teacher. In case of long leave the child must carry the Doctor’s Certificate to School.

7. For Lower Nursery, Upper Nursery and KG one extra set of clothes neatly folded and labelled to be kept in their school bag .

8. All items (water –bottles, pencil boxes, books, copies and tiffin boxes and school bags) to be well labelled with your ward’s NAME,CLASS AND ROLL NUMBER.

9. Please provide your ward with healthy tiffin, a tiffin napkin and hand sanitizer.

10. You are requested to sign your ward’s diary every day.

11. Children should come to school neatly dressed in School uniform and polished shoes.

12. Children should carry their karate uniform as per the Class Routine.

13. Do not give any valuable item to your ward when they come to school. School will not be

responsible for any such loss.

14. Monthly tuition fee should be cleared by the 10 th of first month of every Quarter. Any delay would attract fine.

15. Stationery should be submitted to the Class teacher in the beginning of the session with

every item being labelled.