Learning through playing is the main motto that we follow in IEM Public School. We emphasize on the principles of teaching English language ,which forms the basic foundation of every child. Listening, reading, speaking and writing are the four core areas that we usually focus on.


We ensure that the students are able to read with precision and accuracy. Stress is given on the intonation and pronunciation of the students.


Story telling with props and flash cards and story reading are encouraged which helps to develop a palpable passion for reading among the students.


We improvise various teaching aids like flannel board and reading board which develops the children to develop their speaking skills.


We make an earnest effort to incorporate the Project Method in our curriculum of E.V.S., Maths and I.T. which enables the students to work independently as they are assigned to work on the topics given to them.


Various workshops on Mathematics are conducted in class  which involves active participation of the students. This helps them to have a clear concept  on the basic operations that forms the foundation of number work.


Field trips or educational trips are often conducted to wipe off the monotony and to add a fun element to their curriculum. Co-curricular activities like P.T., Taekwondo, Roller Skates , Dance, Music, Craft are given equal importance.


To put it in a word, we seek to provide an environment which enriches the intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical development  of the pupils.