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Affiliated to ICSE, New Delhi

An initiative of IEM Group, Kolkata

*Last Date of Admission 20th February 2022* Admission office : GN 34/2, Ashram Building, Sector -V, Salt Lake, Kolkata-700091, Dial Us Today- 8777545859, 9831071659,8010700500.


To achieve the vision of all-around development IEM Public School devotes a substantial amount of time to academics laying emphasis on three R’s reading, writing, and arithmetic, an elaborate plan is laid out at the start of an academic year. A unidirectional teaching method is being increasingly substituted by a multi-directional group workshop method. Here the teacher becomes the group coordinator initiating work, nurturing students without the phobia of examination and homework.

The development of an oral and written expression is emphasized upon. Home assignments are not a carryover of classwork but are oriented towards honing individual talents.