The Institute Of Engineering And Management Group (IEM) established  under the aegis of our founding father Prof. Dr. Satyajit Chakrabarti.

Nestled in the heart of Salt Lake it provides a beautiful and spacious green environment.

As part of the IEM Group , At IEM Public School, we provide a caring and friendly environment where every child is valued and nurtured. Each pupil is encouraged to see themselves as part of the school community, where academics, technology, co-curricular activities, physical training combined with integrity and respect for other people are given due diligence.


IEM Public School aims to provide:

  • A broad programme of curriculum which encourages the desire to learn, the ability to

       think and work independently and opportunities for          all pupils to develop their potential

       towards being a confident young global citizen .

  • A structured system which guides and supports pupils, promoting the personal development of each individual within the school community.

  • At IEM Public School we provide the opportunity for each pupil to develop the skills to enable them to

       be an independent, resourceful and responsible                  member of society.

  • Apart from academics, we at IEM Public School, through research methodology introduced a series of extra-curricular activities and Smart classes   with opportunities for enjoyment, challenge, and to bring out and nurture their creativity.

  • At IEM Public School, we keep a close communication with  parents  so that the school and family can

       work together to promote the well-being of each                  pupil in the school community.

  • At IEM Public School, we instill high standards of behavior, self- discipline and courtesy.

  • As part of the IEM group we have a well-trained Faculty to take care of the individual needs of each and every child.

Each member of our school community is encouraged to develop the confidence and self-esteem to face the challenges and opportunities ahead with enthusiasm and optimism.