Headmistress Message:

From Our Family at IEM Public School, I welcome you.

We are in the midst of an exciting era of our School growing  and developing as the one of the best in imparting and empowering a student.

In Our School, we strive for excellence and provide our students an opportunity to nurture their dreams, protect them and move ahead.

We believe that  significant learning can progress with significant relationship. So our small class size enables OUR teachers to form a close and enriching relationship with the student.

We set standards for our students in our Daily Curriculum and aim at elevating them through an all round development so that they may find a foothold in the society as independent and responsible citizens. Our Curriculum is distinguished by excellent faculty and personal attention towards each child.

Football, Karate ,Roller-skates, Physical training, Yoga, Music , Art and Craft are the physical and mental activities that are imparted to enhance a child’s all round development.

The website provides a glimpse of the wide ranging opportunities we provide at IEM Public School.

We encourage you to visit our School at your convenience and you may contact me at